As I write this it would be 28 years since I held my first camera, and I am still juggling between guiding photography aspirants and my own evolution as a consummate photographer. The technicalities hardly take time in mastering, it’s the Art that takes a lifetime or a few


For a person who said ‘no wedding photography’ to become a wedding photographer is a transformation that was a resultant of the experience in a number of genres during those formative years. To me ‘wedding photography’ is not a stand alone genre. It is a culmination of photojournalism, portraiture, beauty, studio, fashion, landscape, food and so many others in one finite span of time. In this website you will see wedding pictures of course but do take a look at the other genres too, as what goes into your wedding or pre wedding is not just my experience as wedding photographer but the years spent in mastering different styles of photography that can give you a flavour of all such genres during the span of one wedding


When we as a team cover, we are almost under cover. It is a silent observation of the narrative, an unobtrusive chronicle of your most important day. We use natural and ambient light. We do not carry huge rigs and massive lenses but our tools are unique in the sense that they blend with our style and deliver stunning results


We make pictures…Weddings, family shoots, portfolios, newborns, events…anything…all we seek is creativity in what we do. We let people be themselves, we seldom ask people to pose, we believe in free spirit and our pictures are testimony to that

We travel, we shoot, we let our imagination fly and we take you along and help create some pictures to cherish for a lifetime

So if you want something “different” call us at:

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I welcome you to the site