Wedding Stories

…there are conventional ways to capture a moment…and then there are better ways…


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Erin and JD



Maegan and Shea



Arpita and Vijay



Priyanjoli and Varun



Gayathri and Jeeva



Shradha and Rohit



Sowmya and Rajesh



Sangeeta and Rajadeepan


‘…and what is the use of a book,’ thought Alice, ‘without pictures and conversations?’



Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll



And what is a wedding, you may ask, without pictures. Conversations. Colours. Stolen glances. Laughter and song.
Well, our wedding, its many moods, its hundred different stories and its million conversations have been captured for ever in these beautiful “pictures”.

PV, thanks man. You rock. Period.







PV — met him on my bus journey from Bangalore to Chennai. We got talking and talking and stumbled upon photography and HDRs, WDRs and the works! Little did I know I would go running to him 24 hours before the wedding for the event’s candid shots. As you see, what he has managed to pull off is truly phenomenal, especially with all the last minute introductions and communicating expectations etc. PV is easily one of the most unassuming, sensitive, in-tune personalities I have ever known – not to forget his stellar professionalism! We have so many many gorgeous candid shots from him (ones that include the near and dear family as well) – he has redefined candids altogether. Every time I look at them, I wonder how he managed capturing those “blink and miss” moments. In our times full of talk and show — PV has completely under played and over delivered that too with such passion and dedication. I am thrilled that something so good came out of my usually boring bus travels. Thank you for all of the wonderful pictures — we could not have been more beautiful! We will continue to watch you grow and capture many more wonders.


Lots of wishes, love and fun your way.

Radhika & Nikhil




“The best photographers are the ones who bring photography alive” – and you have done a fab job at that. Going through your photographs of my wedding makes me feel like I am reliving every moment again and again. Fantastic stuff. All the best. Pv you work wonders with your camera Good luck with many more moments that you will be creating in the future